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News from Summer of 2004

Spring Gala

Our Spring Gala to was held on Friday, May 21, 2004 at Generations Hall.

Ambulance Ships

After much effort working with Customs, we shipped our first ambulance to our partners in Ecuador. The vehicle was valued at over $120,000 when new. We thank Hospital Corporation of America for making this possible.

New Warehouse Facility

September 15, 2003 was a special day for New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation. On this day, we relocated to a larger (2,800 sq. ft.) warehouse located at in Harahan, LA. This facility can accommodate up to five containers of medical equipment and supplies, with a separate storage areas for materials requiring temperature control. In addition space is available for cleaning, sorting, and repacking materials to be donated and/or used on medical missions.

2004 Medical Missions 

The Board of Directors has approved 2 medical missions for 2004. The first will be in Mexico in Summer of 2004. The second will be to Ecuador (Juntos con Ecuador III) during the Fall of 2004. Additional information will be available in the coming months.

Equipment and Supply Donations

We currently have approximately 2 containers of equipment and supplies in the warehouse. With the additional storage capacity we intend to obtain and donate at a minimum, three containers of medical materials to the our partners in Ecuador and Mexico. Requests have been received from several other medical foundations in Latin America and Africa for donated medical materials. Depending on the solicitation of materials and fund raising levels, we may be able to accommodate current and additional requests.

Gala 2003

Thanks to the devotion and commitment of our Gala Fund Raising volunteers and the generosity of our benefactors, our 2003 Gala netted over $60,000. In order to continue to expand our mission activity and donations of medical materials, the second annual Gala is planned for spring of 2004.

Medical Mission to Ecuador

Congratulations and job well done to the participants of Juntos con Ecuador II. The mission to Ecuador to work with the medical staff of our partner organization, was comprised of 35 volunteers representing General Surgery, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Orthopedics, and Neonatology. Over seventy medical interventions were performed during the week. In addition, over 480 eye exams were administered by the volunteer physicians of the local hospital facility and eyeglasses dispensed. We provided the eyeglasses.

The medical interventions were performed in three locations, The majority of surgeries were performed at a local hospital, the dental interventions were based at a local Children’s Hospital and the Gynecology interventions were performed in a local Maternity Hospital. 

In addition to the medical interventions, three presentations were made to the specialist medical staff of the Hospital Vernaza by three of the NOMMS physicians.

To support the surgeries performed on the mission and to donate equipment and supplies for use exclusively in the public medical operation of our Ecuadorian partner, three separate shipments were delivered. A 40-foot container was sent via sea, nine pallets were sent by air and the mission team carried 29 boxes.


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