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The New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation, Inc. was organized in 2001 by Greater New Orleans physicians and businessmen to provide services to the needy in several ways. We do so first by providing medical and surgical care to the needy of our Central and South American mission locations. We help ourselves by reprocessing unused medical materials which would otherwise be waste by our local hospitals and by collecting discarded medical materials "en bulk" as provided by donations from other organizations. We redistribute this in the form of provision of logistical medical supplies to our mission sites. We have shipped several forty-foot containers to Ecuador and other locations worldwide. Our organization consists entirely of volunteers. We are funded by grants, corporate donations and by monies raised in our Mission Possible Galas. Thus far we have conducted several trips to Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Panama with more planned. We normally run two missions per year. You can support our organization through prayer, participation, materials, ideas, and funding. The people we help appreciate it deeply.

The success of New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation is totally dependent on volunteers. The foundation was fortunate to start operation with a core team of people that shared a common vision of ministering to the medical needs of the poor. It is time to expand our ministry and extend the services it provides. If you would like to volunteer please call 504-392-1934 for more information. There are several teams that need additional volunteers:

Material Solicitation Team

This group is responsible for obtaining donations of medical equipment, instruments and supplies.

Material Preparation Team

This group is responsible for sorting, cleaning and packing materials in the warehouse for donations and/or direct medical mission use.

Administration Support Team

This group will perform the record keeping, inventory and communication functions for the foundation.

Fund Raising Team

Primarily this group will work on the annual Gala. The team will also begin soliciting donations from benefactors.

Medical Mission Team

Depending on the nature and scope of requested medical procedures, a particular mission must be staffed with appropriate specialists. It is impractical for an individual to participate in more than one mission per year. Therefore, we need to establish a volunteer pool of resources participate in our missions. Please read the Mission Handbook to understand your responsibilities; it contains the forms you will need to sign up for a mission.

Technology Team

If you are gifted with computer, Internet, or inventory and warehouse technology skills, we want you.

If you would like to volunteer for one or more of these critical teams, please call 504-392-1934 for more information.

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